Volume 33 1963

In Memoriam

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The Reverend John Wilson Baird, DD (1891-1962)

Minister at Kirkgunzeon, at St Andrews: Holy Trinity, and St Machar’s, Old Aberdeen. Closely involved in the work of the General Assembly’s Committee on Public Worship and Aids to Devotion (Convenor 1945-50) President of the Church Service Society from 1946-48.

Our Standards and Traditions in Worship

The Rev A Stewart Todd, MA, BD, Minister at North Leith Parish Church, Edinburgh

This is a paper designed to examine the standards and traditions of worship in the Church of Scotland in the light of what could be offered, and what might need to be safeguarded, in the event of any future “rapprochement” between denominations engaged in the ecumenical movement. Stewart Todd rehearses for the reader or listener the freedoms and the restraints of the preparation and offering of worship within scriptural and dominical authority, by way of Cullmann, Lohmeyer, and Brunner amongst others. His reflection on post-Reformation worship in Scotland is open and honest and at times painful, but it is done lovingly and with confidence in the future.

The Fourteenth Centenary of St Columba’s Landing on Iona

The Rev T Ralph Morton, MA, The Iona Community

The author outlines parts of the story of Columba and the impact he had on Scotland and Northern Europe, and of the continued influence of Iona on the Church of today. We are reminded of the significance of the passing of time in Christian culture and belief, and in particular the importance of looking forward as well as back.

Reviews of Liturgical Literature

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A number of publications on aspects of church architecture. A number on music including Chante et Musique dans le culte Cretien Joseph Gelineau.

Several books on sacramental rites and a review of the new Ordinal and Service Book issued by the Assembly’s Committee on Public Worship and Aids to Devotion (1962).

The Rev Dr John Lamb’s own book The Psalms in Christian Worship is reviewed as also is The Word in Worship Thomas H Keir (Warrack Lectures) OUP

Notes and Comments

Various Contributors

Comments on the holding of services during Holy Week. The placing of flowers and other items of a non-sacramental nature on the communion table. The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Aberdeen.


Illustrations in this volume

(All between pages 26 and 27)

St Machar’s Cathedral, Old Aberdeen: The East End
The Abbey Church of St Mary, Iona, and Monastery Buildings
The Abbey Church of St Mary, Iona: Choir and Chancel
The Abbey Church of St Mary, Iona: St Martin’s Cross