Volume 10, Number 01 May 1980


The Editor

This issue is the first joint issue with the American periodical Worship and Reform and the editor is joined by Prof Ross Mackenzie of Union Theological Seminary, Virginia, as co-editor.

Reflections on Teaching Liturgics in the United States: Resources and Problems

Horton Davies

This is a survey of theological teaching in the USA and gives detailed information about Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Reformed, United Church of Christ, Methodist and Baptist seminaries. The author highlights some difficulties that attend the planning and delivery of courses, including the lack of a single dominating style of worship, the suspicion of tradition, and the unending search for novelty.

Two Eucharistic Prayers

Ross Mackenzie and J K S Reid

These are given as examples of recent liturgical work on both sides of the Atlantic, one compiled by an unofficial committee with ecumenical intent, the other a prayer prepared for a recent conference of the Church Service Society.

Tradition and Renewal: Recent Liturgical Work in the Church of Norway - Part II

Arve Brunvoll

This is the second of two articles by Arve Brunvoll and consists of the 1977 order for Mass with an extended commentary under the headings of Opening, Confession, Gloria, Readings, Creed, Intercession, the Supper, Close, with further reflections on liturgical leadership, the revision of the prayers, the music of the service, and the psalm.

Book Reviews

What to do with Sunday morning by Harold Daniels (Westminster Press 1979), a book for planners and leaders of Sunday worship, including such aspects as the use of art forms, music, and how to handle ceremony. Review by Douglas Murray.

The Christian Priest: elder and prophet David Power (Sheed and Ward 1973) reviewed by J K S Reid.

Prayers of the Eucharist, early and reformed, R C D Jasper and G J Cuming (Collins 1975), a collection of Eucharistic texts from early times until 1662.

The Book of Common Prayer 1559: The Elizabethan Prayer Book ed. J E Booty (Univ Press of Virginia 1976). Reviewed by John M Barkley.