Volume 03 Winter 1982

The Place of Caesar in Worship

William G Neill

The well-known passage in Mark 12 is erroneously interpreted to mean a dichotomy between the spiritual and the temporal. The role of the church over against the state is prophetic. The relationship between church and state as reflected in worship is examined in respect of the national anthem, the display of national flags, the observance of Remembrance Day, and the conduct of national or civic services.

Informality and Music in Worship - An organist’s view

David A Stewart

The author reflects on poorly prepared worship, the lack of silence, conversational language, background noise during organ voluntaries, and the need to know what hymns are to be sung at the upcoming service in time to prepare them. In particular, a plea is made, when contemporary songs and choruses are used, to pay more attention to the quality of both words and music. We often insult the intelligence of young people by our choices.