Volume 09 Winter 1984

Contemporary Hymnody

Tom Cuthell

The Revd Tom Cuthell (St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh) welcomes the new flush of writing hymns. He addresses resistance in congregations who fear their favourites will be replaced, which need not be the case, but he specifies categories of hymns which do need to be forgotten. The current Church Hymnary (3) is found to be weak in the area of contemporary texts. He outlines the contribution of new texts to the strengthening of faith and the increase of understanding, giving many examples.

Cap This

George Hunter

A story from the Revd George Hunter of Scotstoun West church in Glasgow tells a story from the vestry before a wedding.

Liturgical Texts: Techniques of Delivery

Colin R Williamson

The Revd Colin Williamson of Aberdalgie counsels us to read liturgical prayer not in a ‘personal’ way as if we had composed it but ‘I am leading you as we pray this’. We do not seek to insert meaning but, if it is a good prayer, it does not need us to emphasise and inflect but will do its work on its own. He attacks the habit of speaking too slowly; this can destroy a collect and other set material.


Various contributors

Union with God - the Teaching of St John of the Cross, Desmond Tillyer, Mowbray, reviewed by William G Neil

Sacraments and Liturgy, The Outward Signs, Louis Weil, Blackwell, reviewed by Ronald A Farrell

Learning about Vestments and Altar Service, Raymond Wilkinson, Mowbray, reviewed by R E C J

Draw Near with Faith, Geoffrey Shilvock, Mowbray, reviewed by R E C J