Volume 16 Spring 1987


The Editor

The new editor, Rev Graeme Longmuir, invites contributions and offers a reflection on Lent, together with two Lenten collects.

Standing at the Cross-Roads: the 1986 Presidential Address

Rev W B R Macmillan

Some current trends in society and church are observed, including a more experimental approach to worship. The Society seeks a balance between the new ways and the best of tradition. He asks how, at this period of transition, how the originators of the Society sought to bring life to the 'simple forms' of the time through the devotional quality enshrined in more 'liturgical' worship. Euchologion offered forms for special services plus 'a magazine of prayer' derived from all traditions and periods. He derives principles within this as follows: 1. renewed awareness of church catholic, 2. renewing ancient prayers (semper reformanda) (here he exhorts the Society to speak more publicly and not talk to ourselves, 3. we should broaden the base of the Society beyond the Church of Scotland, 4. we should draw attention to traditions in danger of being forgotten, 5. the need for more and better material for private devotion (like the republication of Baillie Diary of Private Prayer.

The Great Grove Booklet Game

Colin Buchanan

The author gives the history of the emergence and development of the Grove booklets on liturgy, intended originally as an evangelical alternative to publications from the Liturgical Commission and how it expanded into a series on ethics, pastoral ministry and spirituality. Later the project gave rise to News of Liturgy and other publications. In due course more 'technical' publications were added to the imprint such as an edition of the Westminster Directory. In 1987 there was established a link with the Alcuin Club.


Various contributors

Preaching on Favourite Hymns, Frank Colquhoun, Mowbray, reviewed by Rev William G Young

New Songs of Praise, OUP/BBC Publications, reviewed by Rev John L Bell