Volume 25 Winter 1991


The Editor

A description of a packed concert by the band Runrig in North Uist as if it were a liturgical event, and drawing lessons for Sunday worship in our churches.

The Church’s Role in the Spiritual Development of Young People

David G Hamilton

The Curriculum Officer of the Church of Scotland's Department of Education, noting that the forms of Christianity young people reject is an expression of a deficient form of spirituality. He proposes that a truly Christian spirituality should be a) incarnational (concerned with all forms of human existence, b) redemptive (bringing freedom), and c) oriented towards the Kingdom of God.

Discovering the Spiritual

Douglas Aitken

An exploration of spirituality as it may be found in the Scout movement. It is seen as beyond particular church expressions, embracing other faiths, drawing from characteristic Scout practices such as tracking. It may be expressed through: discipline, brotherhood, conservation, tolerance and worship.