Volume 27 All Saints 1994

The Doctrine and Practice of Worship in the Irish Presbyterian Tradition

Rev Professor R Buick Knox

A history of Presbyterianism in Ireland from the 17th century Scottish settlers. An account of Episcopal impositions, and the influence of the Westminster Confession, Catechism and Directory of Public Worship, bringing greater freedom and liberty in conduct of worship. There is mention of the introduction of organs and of the representation of Irish Presbyterians in successive editions of the Church Hymnary. The article has an extensive bibliography.

Common Order [One]

Rev Dr A Stewart Todd

Stewart Todd regrets the total abandonment of traditional prayer language, citing the change from “thou” to “you” and the translation into modern speech of long-accepted forms and structures. There are suggestions for models of contemporary bidding prayers. Despite its scant reference to the work of the Holy Spirit, he finds it overall a worthy work of revision.

Common Order [Two]

Rev Peter D Thomson

Peter Thomson notes the use of inclusive language throughout the book. He questions the use of REB as the only Bible version, also the changes in forms of liturgical texts and the three year lectionary rather than four. He is appreciative of the comprehensive alternative services, ordinances and prayers.