Volume 40 Winter 2004

Reflections on Worship in the Church of Scotland

Alan D Birss

In his Presidential Address given to the 2004 AGM of the Society Alan D Birss recalls the shortcomings in worship which led to the foundation of the Society, and suggests that if conditions today have not reached a similar low ebb there are nevertheless matters which call for attention. He notes that the assertion of the normative character of Holy Communion in worship has largely fallen on deaf ears, suggests that materials provided by organisations promoting special Sundays tend to result in “a seminar with hymns”, regrets the tendency to over-emphasise Scottish distinctiveness, and questions the adequacy of liturgical training, especially in relation to the increasing number of non-ministerial leaders of worship

Concerning Funerals: The Practice and Theology of Funeral Rites in the Church of Scotland since 1945 (Part II)

Ian Gough

In a second article on the subject Ian Gough deals with the prayers used in funeral rites in the Church of Scotland since 1945 and the theology which they reflect. He gives evidence of a changing emphasis in what is said in relationship both to the bereaved and the deceased, and notes continuing sensitivity in some quarters to anything that appears to be prayer for the dead and in others of language which seems to make a distinction between the committed and the uncommitted.

The Church Service: A selective reading list

James C Stewart

At intervals of a generation or thereby (1943, 1968) the Society has published general reading lists, with comment, covering the areas of its concerns. James C. Stewart seeks to continue the practice noting titles under the headings, Reference Books, The Theory of Worship, The History of Worship. Scottish Worship, Worship in other traditions, Church Architecture, About Psalms, Hymns and Music, The Christian Year, Lectionary and Preaching,

Book Reviews

Tom A Davidson Kelly

In reviews of two composite works dealing with significant Scottish ecclesiastical buildings of medieval origin Tom A Davidson Kelly highlights the work of members of the Society and of the Scottish Ecclesiological Society in their restoration.

King's College Chapel, Aberdeen, 1500 - 2000, edited by Jane Geddes

The Monastery and Abbey of Paisley, edited by John Malden