Pentecostal Worship in the Church of Scotland - Pt. I

C Gordon Strachan

It is claimed that this movement began in Scotland. Edward Irving is described, and the Catholic Apostolic Church. Speaking in tongues was not in the manner of earlier manifestations, like the Jansenists but were related to faithful response to the study and teaching of the Scriptures. John McLeod Campbell is mentioned in this connection. Irving emphasised and created an expectation that the day of the gifts of the Spirit were not over. The trial of Edward Irving by the Presbytery of London. The renewed speaking in tongues in Kansas and the Irving experience is revisited in that context. Now the phenomenon is more positively received as bringing a necessary vitality to the worship of the church. This development in more recent years is surveyed in the Church of Scotland. The writer welcomes it as a sign of renewal at a time of declinging membership.

Volume 02, Number 02 Nov 1972, p16