The Church in Wales revised Rite of Infant Baptism: Some Theological, Pastoral and Liturgical Reflections

Peter J. Jagger

This offers analysis of the 1971 document, Public Baptism of Infants: Private Baptism of Infants: Baptism of Adults.Theological changes are noted: the move from an Augustinian approach (cleansing of sins) to a Cyprianic (entrance into the church); that baptism is a process. The role of the parents becomes more central and the idea of the vicarious faith of the godparents is removed. The congregation needs to be more aware of its role; parents need to be prepared; extra-parochial baptism is no longer possible. It should take place in the face of the congregation, but, unlike a similar C of E development, it does not suggest that the eucharist is the most ideal setting.

Volume 11, Number 01 May 1981, p34