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The misuse of the Charge at an Ordination/Induction and the practice of omitting the sermon. The use of lecterns. A Service Book for the Young in preparation, and an earlier such publication, from the Society and edited by James Cooper, in 1917, is recalled.

Reference: Volume 17 1947, p38
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Illustrations in this volume

(All between pages 24 and 25)

Biggar - St Mary’s
Biggar - St Mary’s: Chancel and Apse
Biggar - St Mary’s: The Transepts
Biggar - St Mary’s: Norman Door: South Transept

Reference: Volume 17 1947
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The Rev William McMillan, Ph D, DD, St Leonard’s Church, Dunfermline

The article encompasses the origins of the lectern, the history of their use in Scotland, detailed information on the acquisition and design of a comprehensive list of lecterns in local churches, table lecterns, lectern cloths, and how they should be used today.

Reference: Volume 16 1946, p1
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The Rev David G M Stalker, BD, Minister of the Parish

An account of the foundation, ruin and restoration of the building and a detailed description of its interior, furnishings and inscriptions, with photographs.

Reference: Volume 16 1946, p15

William McMillan

William McMillan - short note on
The Ministry of the Word by F D Coggan, MA, DD
The Book of Common Prayer by D E Harrison, MA
Strange Victory by M A C Warren
(All Canterbury Press)

Reference: Volume 16 1946, p22
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The Rev Alexander Smart, Ph D, St Cuthbert’s Church, Saltcoats

The most common positions and a discussion of the best locations for the instrument and for the choir.

Reference: Volume 16 1946, p23
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The Rev J Arnott Hamilton, BD, Ph D, Newbattle

The origins of both garments, the distinction between them, and suggestions as to how they most properly should be used in the Church of Scotland.

Reference: Volume 16 1946, p27
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Illustrations in this volume

The Lectern, St Leonard’s Parish Church, Dunfermline  -  Facing page 14
St Fillan’s Parish Church, Aberdour (before restoration)   -  Facing page 15
St Fillan’s Parish Church, Aberdour (after restoration)   -  Facing page 16
St Fillan’s Parish Church, Aberdour (Interior)   -  Facing page 17

Reference: Volume 16 1946
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The Rev William McMillan, Ph D, DD, St Leonard’s, Dunfermline

A historical survey of Scottish fonts, lavers, font covers, font cloths and private fonts.

Reference: Volume 15 1944-45 (War-time issue), p1
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The Rev William Crawford, MA, Uphall

A history and guide to the church.

Reference: Volume 15 1944-45 (War-time issue), p9

The Rev John Kennedy, BD, Ph D, Cambuslang

Dr Kennedy argues that modern man, through rationality and secularism, is cut off from the truth, goodness and beauty which belong to God. The Church’s message, and the Church’s buildings, must reflect the transcendent and the sacramental, and help “modern man” to recover a sense of reverence, community and dependence on God.

Reference: Volume 15 1944-45 (War-time issue), p12

The Rev A Nevile Davidson, DD, Glasgow Cathedral

Dr Davidson argues that the restriction of training to the academic sphere has equipped ministers for a teaching ministry but not so much for a pastoral or devotional one. His vision is of a residential college where academic training might be supplemented by community life and devotional discipline.

Reference: Volume 15 1944-45 (War-time issue), p17
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Various contributors

A First Communion Manual, by the Rev Ninian Hill DD, reviewed by Millar Patrick
The Shape of the Liturgy, by Dom Gregory Dix, reviewed by William McMillan

Reference: Volume 15 1944-45 (War-time issue), p11, p20
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Illustrations in this volume

(All between pages 10 and 11)

The Font, St Cuthbert’s Parish Church, Edinburgh
Uphall Kirk (as restored)
Uphall Kirk - Ground Plan
The Font, St Leonard’s Church, Dunfermline

Reference: Volume 15 1944-45 (War-time issue)
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The Rev William McMillan, Ph D, DD, St Leonard’s, Dunfermline

Dr McMillan gives a historical account of the Communion Table (both fixed and portable) in Scotland, with notes on other related topics: Frontals, Frontlet, Flowers, Desk, Alms Dish, Cross and Riddels.

Reference: Volume 14 1943-44 (War-time Issue), p1